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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pershing's Own

Hi all,

Nate's latest blog got me thinking about the Pershing's Own.  I'm just going to slip in a bit more info about them.  Thanks for the idea, Nate!

The Pershing's Own is the premier musical organization of the U.S. Army Band.  It was established in 1922 by General John J. Pershing.  It is the only band to have participated in a theater of foreign combat relations.  The Pershing's Own has performed in Carnegie Hall and around the world.  They currently have several openings.  Check them out HERE if you want to know more!

Also, check out this video if you want to see them in action...or if you just need a good laugh.


  1. Thanks, Meagan. I'll be sure to get a link up on my own blog!

  2. These kinds of bands are great but a word of caution. There are many different requirements including age, health, etc. and when you do decide to audition make sure you are very careful not to sign ANYTHING and go through your music rep and not through a recruiter. I have heard nightmare experiences where people auditioned to play in the bands and ended up on a battlefield.