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Monday, April 23, 2012

Chuck Lazarus

Hi all...again,

I just got finished taking a master class/lesson with Minnesota Symphony player, Chuck Lazarus and I thought I'd share a little about my lesson.

It was great to have Chuck come down.  Not only is he a orchestral player, but he has a jazz combo group.  He has a very innovative style that comes through in his compositions.  To start the class, he played for us some of his works.  He has a strong, bright sound.  He's also a funny, well informed person.  I definitely liked him.  For me, the issue was my ability to sustain through the phrases.  I was getting a big sound, but I just wasn't sustaining.  I honestly could not hear that I wasn't.  Chuck also talked a lot about eliminating things that get in the way of your playing such as hand positions, posture, and embouchure.  It was great to have him down and I definitely enjoyed my lesson with him.  Check him out HERE.  Also, I posted a video of him and Manny Laureano jamming. Check it out!  Enjoy.

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