The Air Force Brass Quintet

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Iowa Brass Quintet

Hi all,

Last night was the Iowa Brass Quintet concert.  After a whirlwind tour, it was great to come back and have a really strong concert.  Besides playing a couple Gabrielli pieces, we played an interesting piece by Jan Koetsier.  Has anyone ever heard of him?  He is a Dutch composer and conductor.  I had not heard of him but apparently he was really popular in Germany.  Despite the fact he was a Nazi, he still wrote some good music! The piece we performed was called Quintetto Lirico.  In it's three movements, it has the elements of a waltz, a march, a jazz tune, counterpoint and is all and all a great piece.  I really enjoyed playing with Iowa Brass this year--it was a scary/humbling/fun learning experience and I hope to have many more like it.  Maybe my next post will be about Koetsier.  Has anyone ever played one of his quintets?


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  1. Yo Meagan---glad that the tour went well for you; from the sound of it you had some tough rep. I've heard of Koetsier, but haven't played the brass quintet before.

    I know he has a trombone quartet, but I haven't explored it much. Congrats on finishing a long tour!