The Air Force Brass Quintet

Thursday, March 15, 2012

On the trail...

Hello all! I'm having a great time here in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  The SoM is beautiful and so is the campus.  Surprisingly, I'm getting a lot of work done.  Megan mentioned on my blog that the Tokyo Metropolitan Brass Trio was probably taken from member from the Tokyo Metropolitan Brass Quintet.  Unfortunately my search lead to on the members names: Hiroyuki Odagiri, Kiyoshi Sato, Osamu Takahashi, and Takashi Nakayama, Takato Saijo.  I'm pretty interested in finding out more about this group.  It seems that they have some recordings at the moment: Brass Quintet "Dragon Quest" Part 2 and Part 3, Tokyo Metropolitan Brass Quintet Plays Sugiyama Koichi Songs, and Brass Quintet "Dragon Warrior" Dragon Quest.  Hmm they seem to care a lot about dragons.  I'll definitely keep on the trail of this group!

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