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Sunday, March 18, 2012

In the UK

Hey all,

I wanted to expand my blog to military bands outside of the U.S.  I figured it was about time.  The first one I'm going to blog about is the Corps of Army Music, which is the band for the British Army.  The Corps of Army was formed in 1994.  The primary role of Army Bands is to play music in support of the Army's moral component and to assist in its engagement with civilian communities.  If you leave the band, you're able to re-enlist.  I'm not sure if you're able to do that in America.  This division has a jazz band, a rock and pop group, big bands, and includes fanfare trumpets.  The primary goal is to provide first class music for any military event, but other duties include guarding key installations, close protection, driving, and guarding prisoners of war.  That's pretty serious!  I wouldn't know how to guard a POW.  But I believe they give training to the musicians to do such things.  There is so much information on their website.  I wonder if an American can become part of one of these groups?  Check out the info HERE.

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  1. I also wonder if it is possible for an American to join the European military groups. I always see horn openings for them on the International Horn Society website. I think that would be awesome. I also have heard of Americans who are military musicians stationed in other countries. I think that would be awesome too. Playing music abroad...awesome. :)

  2. My guess is probably not unless you're a British citizen. I don't think a foreign citizen could come over here and play in one of our military bands, but if I'm wrong, let me know. That's interesting the British military bands also have jazz/pop/rock groups - that's become a phenomenon in the U.S. too. I know that USAF band of flight in Dayton has a rock group!