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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Military Career Info. Condensed

Hello all,

Tonia did a great presentation today.  I thought it was good to start off with something that we all know and love.  The variety was great too and I enjoyed the presentation.  I found a three or four page pamphlet in MWIB the other day detailing the career information about the Presidents Own Marine Band.  There is quite a bit of information so I'll just get down to the nitty gritty.  

Musical Requirements:
No specific level is needed, but most members hold college degrees and some hold advances degrees.  

Be a U.S. citizen
Renounce foreign citizenship if candidate has both 
Maximum age of 28
Pass the ASVAB
Comply with heath and weight standards 
No arrests or felonies 
No involvement with the law even as a juvenile 
No illegal drug use 
No moving/parking fines over $200

This info also details the rate of pay with and without dependents: 

Without dependents 
Basic pay: 2,281.20 
BAH 1689.00 
Total monthly  4295.24

With dependents 
Basic pay: 2281.20
BAH 2217.00
Total monthly 4823.24

On average a member makes 6,000 more per year.  That's quite a bit.  I think it's time to get married! 

Furthermore, there are benefits, a savings plan, vacation time and educational assistance.  More about that next time.  I'll let you digest these figures and qualifications first.  

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  1. Well, then, at least in this band, to follow up on my earlier comment on the British bands, maybe a foreigner could audition as long as he/she was willing to renounce their citizenship in their home country to become an American citizen? I don't know - but this is interesting to me.

    So what exactly does a member make per year? I'm a bit confused as to the amount.