The Air Force Brass Quintet

Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Funk band in the Military?? Who knew!

Hello all!  I'm back to blog.  I thought Nate did a great first presentation on his listening project.  Maybe I should have known this, but it was pretty cool to find out that John Aley, professor of trumpet at UW-Madison, was in the American Brass Quintet.  That is pretty serious.  I definitely enjoyed the presentation and cannot wait to bring some cool stuff to the table like Nate did.

Adam Stevens suggested I look up the Hot Brass so I did.  Thanks, Adam.  It is apart of the USAF Band and they do stuff like funk, jazz and blues styles.  They also do outreach concerts around the world.  I always thought that the USAF Band was about marches, classical music, and more marching.  However, it's way cool that they also do jazz.  I guess it's another way to promote the military and patriotism using American music.  Since I want to be in the Air Force, I'd better work on my jazz chops if I ever wanna hang with these guys.  Check them out here!  Look up Hot Brass and you'll learn all about them.


  1. I dig. Seriously. Being the trombonist for OSG (our local Iowa City funk band) this is pretty sweet. And in the military?!? NICE.

  2. The USAF Band of Flight is based in Dayton, OH, and I was at their base about three years ago before I moved to Iowa and I remember one of the band leaders telling us that there was an actual rock and roll group that was also based out of Dayton. I wonder if you could find anything on that!